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Secret Agent Stan
Help Secret Agent Stan figure out the crime by doing his math. (Grades 3-8) 12/17/2004

Inner Circle/Outer Circle Debate Strategy
Inner/outer circle debate strategy emphasizes listening to others' views. (Grades 3-12) 12/15/2004

Got the Time? (Math Word Problems)
Word problems put students' time-telling skills to practical use. (Grades 3-8) 12/14/2004

"Concentration" Review Game
Create a Concentration-style review game for any subject. (Grades K-12) 12/13/2004 

Create Your Own Homophone Work Sheets
Everything you need for a great homonym activity. (Grades K-12) 12/10/2004

Bubble Blast
Bubbles inspire learning, fun -- and they clean desks too. (Grades K-8) 12/09/2004 

15 Relays for Field Days
Fifteen fun relays for anytime PE fun. (Grades K-8) 12/08/2004

The Following-Directions Follies
A challenging "following directions" activity for all ages. (Grades K-12) 12/07/2004 

Pet Perspective
Explore the world from the point of view of a favorite pet. (Grades K-12) 12/06/2004 

Friendly Feud
Play the "Friendly Feud" game when reviewing for a test. (Grades K-12) 12/03/2004 

Popcorn Science
Five simple science experiments explain what makes popcorn pop. (Grades K-12) 12/02/2004

Using Fairy Tales to Debate Ethics
Use fairy tales to debate ethics in the classroom. (Grades K-8) 12/01/2004

"Carousel Brainstorm" Book Report
A fun way to review a book the whole class has read. (Grades K-12) 11/30/2004 

Design a Navajo Rug -- A Lesson in Symmetry
Create a Navajo rug; a lesson in symmetry. (Grades 3-8) 11/29/2004

Native American Glossary
Create a glossary of words with Native American origins. (Grades 3-8) 11/24/2004

Map Your Favorite Sports Team's Next Road Trip
Use maps to chart a favorite sports team's next road trip. (Grades 3-12) 11/23/2004

The Average Kid
Create visual profiles of the "average" boy/girl in your class. (Grades 3-8) 11/22/2004

Multiplication Bee
Stage a "Multiplication Bee." (Grades 3-5) 11/19/2004

Native American Misconceptions
Blast students' stereotypes about Native Americans. (Grades K-5) 11/18/2004

Drafting the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence: compare Jefferson's draft with the final version. (Grades 6-12) 11/17/2004

There Is Always Something You Can Do
Teach a song to help students deal with anger. (Grades K-2) 11/16/2004

Piecing It Together!
Use tiny pieces of state maps as clues to figuring out the state. (Grades 3-12) 11/15/2004 

Fun With Numbers
Use Lakota Indian number words to solve math problems. (Grades 3-5) 11/12/2004

Anti-Smoking Letter Writing Campaign
Write a letter to encourage a friend not to smoke. (Grades 3-12) 11/11/2004

Poetry of War and Peace
Use "In Flanders Fields" to inspire poetry writing. (Grades 6-12) 11/10/2004

Smoking Danger Demonstration
Demonstrate the dangers of smoking. (Grades K-12) 11/09/2004

Guide Word Sentences
Creative writing: write sentences using guide words on a dictionary page. (Grades 3-8) 11/08/2004

Around-the-Room Review
The "around the room" review game engages everyone. (Grades K-12) 11/05/2004

Report on a Reporter
Invite a news reporter to visit class; write news reports about the visit. (Grades 3-12) 11/04/2004

Cutting Costs With Coupons
Clip newspaper food coupons, add up the savings. (Grades 3-8) 11/03/2004

What Happened?
Explore legends surrounding volcanoes, write your own legend. (Grades 3-12) 11/02/2004

Civil War Recipes
Prepare foods Civil War soldiers might have eaten. (Grades K-12) 11/01/2004

The Wall Inspires Letters to Veterans
Inspire students to write letters to veterans at local hospitals. (Grades K-12) 10/29/2004

Globe Game
Challenging "Globe Game" develops geography skills. (Grades K-12) 10/28/2004

"Write-a-Letter-to-the-Teacher" Book Report
Combine writing a book report with writing a friendly letter. (Grades K-5) 10/27/2004

Electoral Versus Popular Vote
A simple lesson teaches about workings of the Electoral College. 10/26/2004

Immigrant Arrivals
Compare the experience of immigrants at Ellis and Angel Islands. (Grades 6-12) 10/25/2004

Ball and Triangle Game
Create a modern version of an old Native American children's game. (Grades K-8) 10/22/2004

The Alphabet Game
Use alphabet cards to play a small-group spelling game. (Grades K-8) 10/21/2004

The Electoral College
When has the Electoral College been a factor in an election? (Grades 3-12) 10/20/2004

Boomerang Fun
Learn about boomerangs, create them in different styles. (Grades 3-5) 10/19/2004

Guide Word Game
Students locate dictionary guide words in this timed team game. (Grades 3-8) 10/18/2004

Wordzle puzzles make fun thinking activities. (Grades 3-12) 10/15/2004

Use logic and deductive reasoning to guess a vocab word in this team game. (Grades 3-12) 10/14/2004

Human Body Simon Says Game
Play a fun human-body Simon Says game. (Grades K-12) 10/13/2004

Track the Polls
Students track poll results before Election Day. (Grades 6-12) 10/12/2004

Be on the Lookout!
Students create "Wanted" posters for destructive bugs. (Grades 3-5, 6-8) 10/11/2004

Best-Selling Books Bar Graph
Create a graph of the best-selling children's books of all time. (Grades K-5) 10/08/2004

Growing Coral
Learn about coral reefs by growing coral. (Grades 3-8) 10/07/2004

The Play's the Thing
Help students stage this play about the election of 1876, in which Samuel Tilden lost the presidency to Rutherford B. Hayes by one electoral vote -- despite his victory in the popular vote. (Grades 9-12) 10/06/2004

Bug Me While I'm Eating!
Compare nutritional value of insects to that of your favorite foods. (Grades 3-12) 10/05/2004

Create a BIG Book
Create a "big book" edition of a favorite story. (Grades K-2) 10/01/2004

My Own Picture Dictionary
Students create personal picture dictionaries. (Grades K-2) 09/29/04

Magic Sum
Learn a "magic" trick as you practice two-digit addition. (Grades 3-8) Math 09/28/04

How did Civil war soldiers battle boredom?
Battling boredom in Civil War days; a Venn diagram activity. 09/27/04

Wacky Word Play
Combine students' love of word games and drawing. (Grades 3-12) 09/24/04

Nuts for Peanuts! --
Peanut Plants, Peanut Timeline, and Peanut-s-timation!

Peanuts spur activities across the curriculum and across the grades. (Grades K-5) 09/23/04

Probability with M & Ms
Explore probability; predict the occurrence of each M&M color. (Grades 3-8) 09/22/04

Drafting the Gettysburg Address
Compare the draft to the final version of the Gettysburg Address. (Grades 6-12) 09/21/04

Adding Note Values
Use musical note values to complete math problems. (Grades 3-8) 09/20/04

Tabloid Tales
Write a story for one of these unbelievable tabloid news headlines. (Grades 3-12) 09/17/04

Write a Caption!
Write captions for amusing photos. (Grades 4-12) 09/16/04

And You Thought Gasoline Was Expensive!
Compare the cost of a gallon of gas to a gallon of other liquids. (Grades 3-12) 09/15/04

A Unique Drawing Experience
With one set of directions, everyone creates a unique work of art. 09/14/04

Vegetable Rock Garden
Grow vegetable sections without soil. (Grades K-5) 09/13/04

'Indescribably' Excellent Descriptions
Engage students in writing "indescribably excellent" descriptions. (Grades K-12) 09/10/04

Review Game
This review game can be adapted to any subject, any grade. (Grades K-12) 09/09/04

Create a Galactic Mobile
Students learn about the Milky Way and create a galactic mobile. (Grades 2-5) 09/08/04

In Your Opinion: Are Athletes Heroes?
Stage a classroom debate of the question "Are athletes heroes?" (Grades 6-12) 09/07/04

Geography Twister
Students exercise while they play this fun geography game based on Twister. (Grades K-12) 09/03/04

Goldilocks: The Sequel
Write a sequel to the classic story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." (Grades 3-8) 09/02/04

The Human Body: A Life-Size Model on Paper
Create life-size diagram of the human body. (Grades K-12) 09/01/04

Germs Experiment 2
Use glitter to demonstrate how germs travel. (Grades K-5) 08/31/04

The Million $ Mission
Calculate the quickest way to earn $1 million in one month. (Grades 3-12) 08/30/04

What's in a Name?
Learn about states whose names have Native American origins. (Grades 3-12) 08/27/04

Take a Stand!
A unique, fun approach to a classroom discussion/debate. (Grades 3-12) 08/26/04

Around the World
A simple and fun game for reviewing math facts. (Grades 1-6) 08/25/04

Civil War Photos Tell a Story
Create a Bill of Rights for a colony you are founding on a distant planet. (Grades 5-12) 08/24/04

Biography Chat
Conduct interviews with historic figures in a TV talk-show format. (Grades 3-12) 08/23/04

Favorite Reading Topics
Students survey their classmates reading preferences. (Grades K-8) 08/20/04

Rock My World
Hands-on activity demonstrates how continents, oceans formed. (Grades 6-8) 08/19/04

Simon Says "Who Are You?"
This Simon Says game highlights students similarities, differences. (Grades K-5) 08/18/04

Planet X
Create a Bill of Rights for a colony you are founding on a distant planet. (Grades 3-8) 08/17/04

Comparing Ancient and Modern Olympic Games
Create a Venn diagram to compare ancient and modern Olympic Games. (Grades 3-12) 08/16/04

Classroom Olympics
Create your own classroom Olympics. 08/13/04

Let Your Fingers Do the Estimating
Estimate the number of phone listings in you local telephone directory. (Grades 3-12) 08/12/04

Adapt the game of BINGO for reviewing math facts. (Grades K-12) 08/11/04

True or False?
Students complete a tutorial on Web literacy and identify Web hoaxes. (Grades 6-12) 08/10/04

The Recycle Games
Youve heard of the Olympic Games. How about the Recycle Games? (Grades K-12) 08/09/04

Bueno Brothers' Bean Dip
How many words can be formed from a scoop of lima bean letters. (Grades K-8) 08/06/04

Parachute Drop
Follow directions to create parachutes that safely carry paperclip passengers. (Grades K-4) 08/05/04

Ten Prompts for Student Writing
Ten prompts for engaging writing assignments. Take your pick! (Grades 3-8) 08/04/04

Cafeteria Compost
Use lunchroom food scraps and yard clippings to create a compost pile. (Grades K-12) 08/03/04

Fun With Origami!
Hands-on activities teach about origami, an Asian paper-folding art form. (Grades 3-12) 08/02/04

Dead Word Wall Kills Overused Words
Create a "Dead Word Wall" to "kill" words overused in student writing. (Grades K-12) 07/30/04

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