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Brief Description

This activity offers 150+ exercises. Create your own custom homophone activity for students!




Students will


  • practice and learn meanings, spelling, and use of homophone word pairs.




Homophone, homonym, spelling, definition

Materials Needed


Lesson Plan


In this lesson, use the lesson resource -- the Homophone Activity Sheet -- to create customized homophone activity pages. The Homophone Activity Sheet includes more than 150 homophone pairs. For each pair, two sentences are provided; each sentence has blanks in it. Only one of the homophone word pair will correctly complete each sentence. It is the students' job to select the correct word to complete each sentence.

Note: The sentences on the Homophone Activity Sheet are arranged in order of difficulty. Simply copy and paste the text for any ten consecutive (grade-appropriate) homophone pairs into a word processing document to create a custom-made homophone activity!

Adapt the Activity
Following are some ideas for adapting the activity:

  • Use the sentences to hold a class Homophone Bee. Write a homophone pair on the board, then read one of the two sentences from the Homophone Activity Sheet. A student stays in the game as long as s/he gives a correct answer.
    It is easy to use the process of elimination when selecting the homophone that completes each sentence; if you are sure about which word fits in one sentence, you are probably correct about the other one too. Instead of providing two sentences, you might provide the homophone pair and just one sentence. Then students really have to think about which word fits; they cannot use the context of the first sentence to help them figure out which word fits in the second sentence.
  • If you have a projector attached to your computer, project the Homophone Activity Sheet on the wall. One at a time, call on students to do the activity related to one of the homophone word pairs.
  • Give older students all 150 homophone pair sentences and see who gets the most correct!


Create a review activity comprised of a random sampling of grade-appropriate homophone pairs and their sentences. Students should achieve a score of 90 percent or better.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

NL-ENG.K-12.2 Reading for Understanding
NL-ENG.K-12.12 Applying Language Skills

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Originally published 05/23/2003
Last updated 03/17/2009