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Homophone Activity Sheet

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ad, add
He hoped to sell the old car by placing an _______________ in the paper.
If you _______________ a column of numbers, you will get their sum.

ate, eight
We _______________ fish and chips on Friday night.
Sandy has ________________ brothers and sisters.

bare, bear
A _______________ tree stood in the snowy field.
The _______________ hibernated all winter.

be, bee
What are you going to _______________ when you grow up?
Carlos was stung when he stepped on a _______________.

beat, beet
The Panthers _______________ the White Sox to win the championship.
A _______________ is one of my favorite vegetables.

blew, blue
The winds _______________ down two trees in our backyard.
The sky was clear _______________ an hour after the storm had passed.

brake, break
She stepped on the _______________, but the car kept sliding along the icy road.
We cannot replace that vase if you _______________ it.

buy, by
I need to _______________ some flour so I can bake a cake tonight.
We went_____________________ my uncle's house as we drove to the store.

cell, sell
The killer was held in a jail _______________ that had only a bed and a toilet.
Jon is trying to ______________ his old car so he can buy a new one.

cent, sent
The letter needed two 37-_______________ stamps.
He _______________ the package by air mail.

chews, choose
If you had to _______________, would you vacation in Florida or California?
My dog _________________ on that toy all the time.

close, clothes
We will _______________ the store early the day before the holiday.
I have not decided which _______________ to wear to the party.

die, dye
The children used food coloring to _______________ the Easter eggs.
The hot summer caused the grass in our field to _______________.

do, due
The library books are _______________ back on the 24th of the month.
What will you _______________ if you cannot get the car to start?

eye, I
What if _______________ take you out to dinner on your birthday?
Stan will know if he needs glasses after Dr. Travis does the _______________ test.

flour, flower
The recipe calls for three cups of _______________.
Bugs munched on the last _______________ on the rose bush.

for, four
I cannot wait _______________ my birthday to arrive.
Paul is ______________ years older than his sister.

hear, here
We will meet _______________ in 30 minutes.
I was worried when I didn't ________________ from my uncle for about two weeks.

heard, herd
A _______________ of buffalo rushed across the plain.
I _______________ them coming from a mile away!

hi, high
My grandfather called last night to say _______________.
The cat was so _______________ up in the tree that I could hardly see him.

hole, whole
The gardener dug a deep _______________ so he could plant the oak tree.
The bus was not big enough to carry the ________________ group to the ball game.

hour, our
The meeting will last for about an _______________.
Then team will go to _______________ house for a cookout.

in, inn
The doctor was not ________________, so I talked with the nurse.
No rooms were left at the _______________, so we had to sleep in the car.

knew, new
Robert said he _______________ about the surprise party before it happened.
Don't worry, tomorrow is a ________________ day.

knight, night
The _______________ galloped up to the castle on a white horse.
The horse was so white you could see it coming, even in the dark of _______________.

knot, not
He did _______________ tie up the boat at the dock, so it floated away.
Knowing how to tie a ________________ would have saved him a lot of trouble.

know, no
I didn't _______________ the answer to the last question on the test.
There is _______________ way I could have gotten all the answers right.

knows, nose
I covered my _______________ when I smelled the skunk.
Nobody _______________ when the next plane is due to take off.

made, maid
The _______________ was waiting for us to check out of the motel.
She _______________ the beds as soon as we left.

meat, meet
What time do you want to _______________ me at school?
My mother served _______________ and potatoes for dinner.

oar, or
Would you prefer rice _______________ spaghetti with your meal?
Rowing a boat with only one _______________ is very hard.

oh, owe
_______________, I meant to ask if you are free to babysit on Saturday night.
The landlord goes from door to door collecting the money his tenants _______________ him.

one, won
The Tigers _______________ the championship game.
There is only _______________ game left to play before the soccer season ends.

pail, pale
After a week in bed with the flu, father looked _______________ and weak.
The little boy scooped shovel after shovel of beach sand into the _______________.

pain, pane
The golf ball broke a _______________ of glass when it hit the house.
Max was in _______________ after running the long race.

pair, pear
Nicky bought a _______________ of shoes to go with her new outfit.
Mother packed a _______________ in my lunchbox.

peace, piece
Larry had the biggest _______________ of cake.
They hope for _______________ instead of war.

plain, plane
The dress was simple and _______________.
A small _______________ flew so close to our house we thought it was going to land in our living room.

prince, prints
Do you want two sets of _______________ from this roll of film?
Someday the young ______________ will take over the kingdom.

raise, rays
The sun's _______________ were so hot I could have cooked an egg on the sidewalk.
We need to _______________ more than $1000 for the trip.

read, red
The flag is _______________, white, and blue.
How many books have you _______________ this month?

right, write
I keep forgetting to _______________ a thank you note to my uncle.
Go three blocks, then turn _______________ at the light.

road, rode
Amanda _______________ the horse along the beach trail.
They had to slow down to cross the _______________.

rose, rows
At the concert, our seats were about ten _______________ from the stage.
I love the colors of the flowers on that ________________ bush!

sail, sale
My mother bought four bottles of juice because they were on _______________.
Today is a great day to take the boat out for a _______________.

sea, see
You can _______________ for miles from the top of the mountain.
The big boat sailed out to _______________.

sew, so
Do you have time to _______________ a new button on this jacket?
I had better set an alarm _______________ I will get out of bed on time.

some, sum
What is the _____________ of those three numbers?
I wish I had _______________ money to buy an ice cream cone.

son, sun
We will head for the beach this weekend if the _______________ shines.
Mr. Johnson has one _______________ and two daughters.

stake, steak
The surveyor drove a ______________ into the ground to mark the property line.
Nothing tastes better to me than a _______________ cooked over the grill.

steal, steel
One of the ten commandments says "Thou shalt not _______________."
The _______________ frame of the new building stretched up toward the sky.

tail, tale
The librarian read a fairy _______________ to our class.
We used cloth to make a long _______________ for the kite.

their, there
How many cookies are _______________ in the cookie jar?
My friends asked me to come to _______________ house after school.

their, they're
They parked _______________ car on the street because there was no room in the driveway.
_______________ going to have to leave no later than 8:00.

threw, through
Bobbie looked _______________ all the drawers to find a pair of scissors.
The pitcher _______________ a fastball faster than any I had ever seen!

to, two
The _______________ boys went to the arcade after school.
They did not have enough money _______________ play all the games they wanted to play.

throne, thrown
The king sat upon a ______________ of gold.
She hoped she had not _______________ away the winning ticket.

wait, weight
The nurse asked me to step on the scale so she could check my _______________.
Don't _______________ or you might miss your bus.

way, weigh
I don't know the _______________ to Mr. Jackson's house.
I haven't been on a scale in over a month so I don't know how much I __________.

wear, where
I don't remember _______________ I put my homework.
The day is too cold for me to _______________ shorts.

which, witch
My little sister dressed up as a _______________ for Halloween.
I can't decide _______________ movie is my favorite.

wood, would
Suzie says she _______________ like us to join her for dinner.
Martin chopped up the tree so the family had _______________ for the fire.

yew, you
Father planted a row of _______________ trees in the yard.
When the trees grow to their full size, _______________ will not be able to see the neighbor's house.


acts, axe
The play we saw had three _______________.
He chopped down the small tree with three swings of the ________________.

affect, effect
How hard you study can ________________ how well you do on the test.
The heavy winds did not seem to have any _______________ on our neighborhood.

aid, aide
The manager called on her _______________ to do the job.
The doctor called for a nurse to come to his __________.

air, heir
The _______________ was thick with smog.
Marco was the only ________________ to his father's fortune.

aisle, I'll
If you need somebody to pick up the mail, _______________ be happy to do it.
I found soup in the canned goods _______________ of the store.

all, awl
He used an ________________ to poke a hole through the wallboard.
Did you pack ________________ the clothes you need for the trip?

allowed, aloud
My teacher read _______________ a chapter from James and the Giant Peach.
Jack's mother ________________ him to stay out until 8:00 on a school night.

altar, alter
The priest stood in front of the ________________ as he said a prayer.
Highway construction forced us to _______________ our route.

bail, bale
The machine formed the hay into a tight _______________.
The accused robber posted _______________ so he would not have to go to jail.

band, banned
Some schools have _______________ Harry Potter books from their libraries.
Our school's marching _______________ will be at the head of the parade.

base, bass
The string section is made up of violins, violas, a cello, and a _______________.
Flowers were planted at the _______________ of the statue.

based, baste
Don't forget to _______________ the turkey every 15 minutes.
The movie was _______________ on a popular book.

beach, beech
One of my favorite things to do is to walk along the _______________ in winter.
My aunt planted a _______________ tree in her front yard.

beau, bow
Molly introduced her new _______________ to her parents.
The dress had a big pink _______________ on it.

berth, birth
I slept in the lower _______________ and my brother slept in the upper one.
The family celebrated the _______________ of its first daughter.

billed, build
The company _______________ my father for a truckload of lumber.
We are going to _______________ a new fence around the backyard.

boar, bore
I won't _______________ you by telling that story again.
A wild ________________ appeared in my path as I walked through the woods.

board, bored
He nailed a ________________ over the broken window.
Whenever I get _______________, I pick up a book.

buoy, boy
A _______________ marks the spot where we dropped each lobster pot.
My sister has a brand new baby _______________.

braid, brayed
The donkey _______________ as Timmy approached him.
My mother twisted my sister's hair into a _______________.

brows, browse
I love to _______________ through the bookstore whenever I have time.
The magician's remarkable trick made the people in the audience raise their _______________.

carat, carrot
Her engagement ring included a two _______________ diamond.
My mother fed the bunny a _______________.

ceiling, sealing
This tape is much better for _______________ packages than the other tape is.
It took him about four hours to paint the ________________.

census, senses
The latest _______________ shows that the population of our state is shrinking.
He used all five _______________ to appreciate the fine meal.

chance, chants
They sang two _______________ after the prayer.
The manager took a _______________ putting in a new pitcher in the bottom of the ninth inning.

chili, chilly
It was a ________________ day for the middle of June.
I have never tasted ________________ as hot as the kind my Uncle Manuel makes.

clause, claws
The hawk swooped down and grabbed the fish in its _______________.
A ________________ in the contract called for him to work 10 hours a day.

colonel, kernel
Army Sergeant Tim Smith was promoted to _______________ last month.
There was just one _______________ of unpopped popcorn in the bottom of the bowl.

creak, creek
Open the door slowly or it will ________________.
Follow this little _______________ and you will end up in the Mississippi River.

crews, cruise
The three _______________ rotate duty aboard the ship.
The ship will depart on a four-day _______________ on the fifth of the month.

cymbals, symbols
You could hear the crashing _______________ above all the other instruments in the orchestra.
In that story, the spring flowers are _______________ of how life goes on after death.

days, daze
After the accident, Hillary walked around in a _______________.
It was many ________________ before she was back to normal.

dear, deer
His grandmother was very _______________ to him.
A family of _______________ lived in the woods that were part of my uncle's farm.

dew, due
The grass was still damp from the morning _______________.
The grass was wet _______________ to the fact that the air was very moist.

discussed, disgust
He got up from the table in ______________ and walked out of the restaurant.
We ________________ the issues in this year's election before we voted.

doe, dough
A _____________ and her three babies were joined by a buck.
She kneaded the _____________ with her hands.

ewes, yews
The _______________ grazed in the field behind the barn.
The forest was full of trees, including many pines and _______________.

facts, fax
The policeman collected the _______________ about the case.
He sent a _______________ to the FBI that included all the details.

fair, fare
People complained when the bus _______________ went up 25 cents.
They said it was not ________________ to raise the price.

find, fined
I could not _______________ the umbrella when I needed it.
The court _______________ Mr. York $50 for going through the stop sign.

fir, fur
That _______________ tree will grow to be 40 feet tall.
My sister will not wear a _______________ coat.

flea, flee
The prisoner tried to _______________ from the work detail.
An annoying _______________ kept buzzing in my ear.

gnu, knew
The _______________ wandered among the rocks at the zoo.
Steve was the only student who _______________ all the answers on the test.

grate, great
The workers put a metal _______________ over the first floor windows.
According to the weather report, tomorrow will be a _______________ day for a picnic.

guessed, guest
I would never have _______________ how much the pumpkin weighed.
He was a _______________ in the hotel.

hair, hare
My favorite story is about the turtle and the _____________ .
The rabbit's _______________ was soft and fluffy.

hall, haul
We will need to hire a trucker to _______________ away the load of trash.
The walls in the _______________ are lined with family photographs.

halve, have
She will _______________ the grapefruit.
That way, both of us can _______________ a piece.

heal, he'll
The broken bone will take about four months to _______________.
________________ have to wear a cast for at least six weeks.

heal, heel
Harry's broken arm did not _______________ as quickly as the doctor expected.
Tommy walked on his ________________ because his toe was throbbing.

higher, hire
The company has so much work to do that it needs to _______________ ten new workers.
In the pole vault competition, Roger jumped _______________ than Anthony jumped.

him, hymn
Tell me about the first time you met _______________.
"Rock of Ages" is my favorite _______________ to sing in church.

knead, need
How many cups of sugar will you _______________ to make cookies?
You will have to _______________ the dough for a long time before you roll it out.

leased, least The doctor _______________ office space in the new building on Park Street.
Good things are bound to happen when you _______________ expect them.

lessen, lesson
That was a hard way to learn a _______________.
Keisha wore an extra sweater to _______________ the chances she would feel cold.

maize, maze
Fields of golden _______________ stretched for miles.
When I have nothing to do, I grab a book of puzzles and trace a path through a _______________.

mind, mined
The workers _______________ the earth in search of coal.
I won't make up my _______________ until the last minute.

moan, mown
The freshly _______________ lawn made me sneeze.
My stomach was so full that I stretched out on the bed and let out a big _______________.

morning, mourning
Family members were in _______________ over the death of their grandmother.
The sun shined brightly on the _______________ of the funeral.

muscle, mussel
Exercise helps the body turn food into _______________.
For dinner, Dan ordered _______________ soup and pasta.

oar, ore
Rowing a boat with only one _______________ is very difficult.
The miners packed two railroad cars full of iron _______________.

paced, paste
You can glue or _______________ the pictures into the scrapbook.
The nervous father _______________ in the waiting room until he got the news.

packed, pact
She _______________ enough clothes for a month, even though she was only going away for a weekend.
They signed a _______________ that would last for a year.

pair, pare
The company was forced to _______________ its workforce because they had so few orders.
Students had to _______________ off to work on the project.

passed, past
The truck that _______________ us must have been going 80 miles per hour.
Studying the _______________ history of a place can be very interesting.

patience, patients
The hospital could not handle any more _______________.
Waiting in line at the bank requires a lot of _______________.

pause, paws
He had to _______________ to think about the offer.
I've never seen a dog with such big _______________.

peak, peek
The adventurers reached the _______________ of the mountain ahead of schedule.
Emma took a _______________ to see what was baking in the oven.

pole, poll
A car ran off the road and into a telephone _______________.
The caller asked Fran if he would be willing to take part in a _______________.

praise, prays
Mrs. MacIntire heaped _______________ on the students for doing so well on their state tests.
That family _______________ together each night.

pride, pried
The boy was his father's _______________ and joy.
The mechanic _______________ open the car door with a special tool.

rain, reign
After a dry spell, the people were happy to see _______________.
King George will _______________ for the next 20 years.

reigns, reins
Queen Elizabeth _______________ over England.
Mallory tugged on the _______________ to slow down the horse.

raise, raze
The workers fashioned a pulley to _______________ the piano to the second floor.
Dynamite will be used to _______________ the old hotel.

ring, wring
The diamonds on the _______________ sparkled when the light hit them.
The towel was so wet, Wes had to _______________ it out before he could soak up any more of the spill.

rowed, rode
Troy _______________ the roller coaster four times.
The crew team _______________ five miles down the river.

role, roll
Walter got the lead _______________ in the school play.
We have to _______________ up the old carpet before we lay down the new one.

root, route
We could not dig up the _______________ of the big oak tree.
We took a different _______________ to avoid the accident on Highway 12.

scene, seen
The artist painted the _______________ on canvas.
Someday that painting might be _______________ in a museum.

scent, sent
The _______________ of spring flowers filled the air.
If you _______________ the package by air mail, it should be there in two days.

seam, seem
The trip did not _______________ to take as long as I expected.
When I bent down, the ________________ of my pants ripped.

sew, sow
The farmer will ________________ the seeds in the morning.
He can _______________ a new button on that shirt.

soared, sword
The jet _______________ through the sky like a rocket.
My father has an antique _______________ that belonged to his great grandfather.

tacks, tax
The worker used _______________ to hold the board in place.
How much _______________ will you need to pay when you buy the new car?

tense, tents
My cousin feels very _______________ whenever he is about to board a plane.
We packed the truck with _______________ and other camping gear.

thyme, time
It was _______________ to put a new roof on the house.
The recipe called for basil and _______________.

tide, tied
He _______________ the rope to the pole.
Low _______________ is the best time to go clamming.

toad, towed
The bus had to be _______________ after it broke down.
The dog chased the _______________ as it hopped around the garden.

wade, weighed
We rolled up our pants so we could _______________ in the water.
Cathy could not believe her eyes when she saw how much she _______________.

waist, waste
Horatio went on a diet and lost three inches around his _______________.
Recycling helps communities cut down on _______________.

we'd, weed
If we can afford it, _______________ like to go on a vacation to Hawaii this summer.
We need to _______________ the garden before we plant any new flowers in it.

we'll, wheel
My little sister just got her first two-_______________ bicycle.
If we want to make it on time, _______________ have to hurry!

weather, whether
Tomorrow will be a good day to go to the beach if the _______________ holds up.
We will decide _______________ or not to go first thing in the morning.

whine, wine
The chef added a splash of _______________ to the sauce.
If you continue to _______________, I will send you to your room.

you're, your
Was _______________ mother supposed to pick you up after school?
Come along with us if ________________ able.