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Native Americans Lesson Plan: Fun With Numbers



  • Language Arts


  • 3-5

Brief Description

Students write the Lakhota Sioux words for number sentences.


Students learn Lakhota Sioux words for some numbers.


Native American, Lakhota, Sioux, math, numbers

Materials Needed

Teacher-selected resources about Sioux heritage, a teacher-made reference sheet or chart with Lakhota words or numbers from Lakhota Language, copies of Fun With Numbers, pens or pencils

Lesson Plan

  • Begin the lesson by giving students some background about the Sioux from teacher-selected library sources.
  • Distribute the teacher-made reference sheets or display the chart with the Lakhota words for numbers. (Note: You can make printouts from the site, but the type size is somewhat small for elementary students.) Review the words and numbers with the class.
  • Distribute the work sheet Fun With Numbers. Tell students to use the reference sheet to complete the work sheet.


  1. wan nu sa wi k ce ne p cun sa ko wi k ce wi k ce


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    Education World

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    Lois Lewis

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