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Germs Experiment 2



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Brief Description

Students use art glitter to create a simple demonstration of the way germs travel.


Students see in this demonstration how easily germs can spread. They learn about the importance of washing their hands.


germs, hands, hand washing, cleanliness

Materials Needed

  • For each group of approximately five students, supply five different colors of art glitter, five flat containers (such as shoe box tops or paper plates), five sheets of white cloth or paper towels.

Lesson Plan

  • Fill each container with a different color of glitter. Ask each student in a group to choose one of the colors of glitter. Help each student spread the white cloth or paper towel on a table.
  • Tell each student to place his or her flat hand (palm side down) in the container of glitter. Then have students take turns shaking hands firmly with the other members of the group.
  • After all students in the group have shaken hands, tell them to rub off the different colors of glitter from their hands onto the white cloths or paper towels.
  • Ask students to note in their journals their observations about the colors of glitter that are on the cloths or towels.
  • Lead a discussion using the following questions: Do you notice more of any particular color of glitter? Why might that be? What does this activity teach you about the way germs spread?
  • Ask students to write a response to this question: What did this experiment teach you about the importance of washing your hands?

Variations: Invite the school nurse to participate in this activity and to help add to the discussion. Supplement the lesson with a children's book about germs.


Evaluate students on their written observations and response to the question.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Gary Hopkins

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