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Physical Education & Health Standards

The physical education Content Standards come from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

The National Health Education Standards (2007) come from the American Cancer Society.


NASPE Content Standards

PE & Health

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"The National Association for Sport and Physical Education appointed the Outcomes Committee to answer the question "What should students know and be able to do?" The "Outcomes Project" culminated in the development of a definition of the physically educated person. This definition included five major focus areas, specifying that a physically educated person: --- Has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
--- Is physically fit
--- Does participate regularly in physical activity
--- Knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities
--- Values physical activity and its contribution to a healthful lifestyle"


National Health Education Standards

"National Health Education Standards offer a coherent vision of what it means to be health literate. These Standards describe the knowledge and skills essential to the development of health literacy. That "knowledge" includes the most important and enduring ideas, issues, and concepts related to achieving good health. Those "skills" include the ways of communicating, reasoning, and investigating which characterize a health-literate person. National Standards are not a federal mandate nor do they define a national curriculum. The Standards are intended to serve as a framework for organizing health knowledge and skills into curricula at the state and local levels."