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Words in Five


  • Language Arts


  • 3-12

Brief Description

Students use logic and deductive reasoning to guess a word.


Students practice logic and deductive reasoning as they sharpen their spelling skills.


spelling, logic

Materials Needed

  • paper, pens or pencils

Lesson Plan

Break the class into teams of around four or five students so you end up with an even number of groups. Pair off the teams. Each team thinks of a five-letter word. Its partner team has to guess the word by writing a five-letter word. The opposition says how many letters are correct in the word, but not which ones. The teams alternate guessing their opponents' words, and the first team to guess correctly wins. Example: Team 1's word is clash; Team 2 guesses beach. Three letters are the same. Next, Team 1 guesses Team 2's word. Then Team 2 guesses bingo -- no correct letters. The groups continue alternating until one team figures out the other team's word. The entire lesson is available online at the Time Killers Page.


Observe students' participation and teamwork.

Lesson Plan Source

This plan is among a number of filler activities for substitutes provided at the Time Killers Page.

Submitted By

Justine G.

National Standards

Language Arts:
NL- ENG.K-12.3