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In the Wake of the Amistad
A timeline of historic events in the fight to end slavery. (Grades 3-12) 07/15/2010

Podcast Science
Scripts from episodes of the Earth & Sky radio program make podcasting easy. (Grades 3-8)

Sight Word Spelling Bee
Kids will love this hands-on technology sight word spelling bee. (Grades K-3) 07/08/2010

Gap vs. Old Navy: Mapping Brand Names Across the U.S.
Use the MapMuse online tool to map brand names across the U.S. (Grades 3-12) 11/15/2006

Animal Encyclopedia Search
Learn interesting animal facts using this classroom computer-center activity. (Grades 2-6) 10/25/2006

My Pumpkin Story
Use an online tool to create a unique pumpkin, then write a story about its special characteristics. (Grades K-5) 10/19/2006

"And That's The Way It Is" Today in History
Students create a nightly-news broadcast for a special time/date in history. (Grades 4-12) 09/21/2006

20 Questions: Can You Stump the Machine?
Students build critical thinking skills as they attempt to stump a "20 Questions" machine. (Grades K-12) 09/14/2006

Step and Spell
This spelling "active-ity" reinforces students' awareness of the computer keyboard. (Grades K-4) 05/16/2006

Team Up for Time Telling
Use a fun online tool for a class telling-time competition. (Grades K-3) 05/10/2006

"Visual Fractions" Game
Create a classroom fractions competition using a Web-based game. (Grades 3-8) 05/02/2006

Charting Historical Gas Prices
Does gasoline eat up more of a person's paycheck today than it did years ago? (Grades 6-12) 04/10/2006

"Place the State" Game
Can students correctly place all 50 states on a U.S. map? (Grades 3-8) 03/21/2006

The Great Egg Roll Online Project
Join schools from all over the world for a fun springtime activity. (Grades Pre-K - 8) 03/15/2006

Secrets of the Presidents
Learn little-known facts with this printable activity. (Grades 3-8) 02/08/2006

Holiday Greeting Cards: A Graphing Activity
Create a graph to show the holidays that account for the highest greeting-card sales. (Grades 3-12) 02/06/2006

If the World Were a Village
A popular picture book leads to lessons in multicultural awareness, graph-making, more. (Grades K-12) 01/16/2006

Seasonal Notepad Gift
In this simple technology lesson, students create a seasonal notepad gift. (Grades K-12) 12/05/2005