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Holiday lesson: A musical gift




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Brief Description

A CD or DVD song collection by your students makes a great gift for any holiday.



  • display their musical talents on a recording that will be packaged as a holiday gift for student gift-giving.


music, holiday, CD, DVD, gift, present

Materials needed


  • Blank CDs or DVDs, one per student
  • Method of recording (digital voice recorder [cost: $30 and up] that can be connected to a computer, computer that can be used to access Audacity (podcasting), or small digital video camera [$75 and up])
  • Computer with CD or DVD burning capabilities
  • (If desired) Access to Web template for designing CD/DVD labels
  • (If desired) Peel-and-stick CD/DVD labels, one per student
  • Plastic sleeves or cases for CDs/DVDs, one per student

Lesson plan

For a gift that every parent or significant other in your students' lives will love, why not record your students singing a variety of songs?

  • If this is to be a December (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah...) gift, the tracks could be holiday-related songs from the cultures your students represent.
  • If it is to be a Mother's Day gift or an end-of-the-school-year memento, the songs could be more general in content.

Use the voice or video recorder, or Audacity (podcasting), to record students singing. The recorded files will then need to be transferred to a computer, and then burned en masse onto a CD or DVD for each student. An alternate method would be to upload the recorded files to a class Web site, where families can download and save the files themselves.

Students could give a copy of the recording to a parent, relative, neighbor or babysitter. It's a gift that will make a fun memento to keep and bring out years from now.

Make it extra special

These things will make the gift a real keeper:

  • Make sure every student has a small solo part in the song collection.
  • Have students design the art for the CD/DVD label. Printable templates for CD/DVD labels can be found here.

Lesson plan source

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Gary Hopkins

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