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Read an Airport Map


Social Studies



Brief Description

Students read an airport map and answer questions about it.


Students will

  • study a map of Memphis International Airport;
  • answer questions about the location of places on the map.


map reading

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Even in the era of MapQuest and the seemingly ubiquitous GPS, map reading is still an essential skill. A good place to begin practicing that skill might be a simple, yet up-to-date, airport map. Provide students with access to a map, either online or printed, of Memphis International Airport. Ask them to study the map and answer the questions on the accompanying teaching master.

Extension Activity: Provide students with a U.S. outline map and ask them to label on the map the name of each city Southwest Airlines flies to. Invite students to plan a vacation using the stops on SWs route.


Assess students based on their responses to the teaching master. Teaching Master Answer Key: 1). 23 gates; 2). more gates; 3). Terminal B; 4). Terminal A; 5). 7; 6). Gate C22; 7). Gate B6; 8). 2; 9). Gate A13; 10). Terminal B. BONUS: Many people think the number 13 is an unlucky number; some people who are superstitious might not want to board a plane at a gate with the number 13.)

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

NSS-G.K-12.1 The World in Spatial Terms
NSS-G.K-12.5 Environment and Society
NSS-G.K-12.6 Uses of Geography

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