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Leaf Weight-Loss Plan




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  • Mathematics
  • Science
Grades 3-5


Brief description

Students measure the weight of a container of leaves daily to discover how quickly it grows lighter as the foliage dries.


  • weigh a pile of leaves daily.
  • graph the measurements.


fall, leaf, leaves, weigh, weight, measure, measurement, graph, September, photosynthesis, autumn

Materials needed

  • leaves that will flex without breaking
  • a container to hold the leaves
  • scale or balance
  • graph paper
  • pencils

Lesson plan

Visit Leaf Math and scroll down to "Leaf Weight-Loss Plan." In this simple lesson, students gather freshly fallen leaves and weigh them with a balance or scale. Each day, measurements are taken to track the weight loss of the leaves as they dry in the classroom. See suggestions and variations for this activity as well as other great leaf lessons in the Fall math idea bank.


Teachers may observe students as they work, and student graphs might be collected and evaluated for accuracy.

Lesson Plan Source

Math Cats

Submitted By

Cara Bafile



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Originally published 09/20/2002
Links last updated 10/01/2015