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Awesome Autumn!


Pumpkins, apples, and leaves ... It's Fall!
As the leaves change color and the air gets chilly; pumpkins get large enough to carve (and eat!); and apples appear in mass quantities, Education World "falls" back on some favorite teaching ideas for the Autumnal Equinox.

Autumn lesson ideas

Fall lessons? We've "G'-autumn"!
Children are in school, leaves are crunching under your feet -- can fall be far away? Included: Five fall lessons that emphasize language arts, math, and science concepts.

Add color -- and learning -- to your fall lesson plans
Savor the season! Bring the colors of fall into the classroom with some free foliage from Vermont and involve students in some hands-on science and language activities.

Photosynthesis: Don't "leaf" out fall's most valuable lesson
Autumn is here! Fall's colors provide the perfect motivation for teaching about photosynthesis across the grades. We've raked up a pile of activities for you to "leaf" through.

Pump Up the Curriculum With Pumpkins
Jump into pumpkin facts and pumpkin lore. Try pumpkin science, pumpkin math, pumpkin writing... It's time to pump up the curriclum. You will find it all in these lessons from our archive.

Make This Week's Lessons Pop(corn)!
These lesson plans will engage students as they create popcorn timelines, maps, and graphs; do popcorn science and math; explore popcorn history and nutrition; and -- don't forget the best part-- eat popcorn snacks.

An Apple for the Teacher
If Johnny Appleseed were still planting he would be more than 200 years old! Celebrate by making these apple activities part of your "core" curriculum.

Fall Foliage Tracker
The spectacle of brilliant leaf colors dramatically signals the changing season. Students track foliage changes and graph the results with a free online tool in this technology lesson plan of the week.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Appleseed!
September 26th is Johnny Appleseed's birthday. We celebrate with a bushel of apple-related Web sites for students of all ages.

Apple and Pumpkin PIE (Poetry Is Exciting)
One teacher's successful "Apple a Day" Internet project has spawned a new project. Join teacher Susan Silverman in the "Pumpkin Patch" this year.

Trees Sprout Classroom Lessons Throughout the Year
Why not go out on a limb! Springtime and fall are great times to branch out and include in your curriculum timely lessons about trees. Included: Measuring trees, reading a color key map, creating a "good behavior tree," more.

"Harvesting" the Web for Farm Resources
Leaves are falling, pumpkins are ripening, and apples are just waiting to be picked from the trees. It's the perfect time to "farm" the Internet for agricultural resources.

The First Six Weeks of School
Careful planning of those first weeks can pay big dividends throughout the rest of the school year. Get your Autumn months off to a great start.

Clocks Teaching Time
The change of the seasons is a marking of the passage of time. This website highlights how we mark time.

The Bear Den
Fall is the perfect time to discover the hows and whys of hibernation.

Earth And Sky
As the weather changes, tune into this great website for all the unique changes in the air and on the ground.


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