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S I T E     R E V I E W
March 16, 2000

Clocks Teaching Time

This resource, produced by the Franklin Institute Online Fellows, takes an educational look at timepieces in the collection of the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Built in two parts, each with its own personality, this site blends the timeless look of old world graphics with the more modern look of Web page design.

Visitors can easily find information through connecting links within the site or from the main-page content links in the sidebar.

There's something here for everyone. The site is equally interesting for educators, amateur clock collectors, or anyone interested in the history of time or timepieces. The two distinct sections of the site, Journey In Time and Time Keepers, cover time from every angle. Journey In Time features Franklin Institute timepieces, background information relating to the history of telling time and mechanical devices, interactive online activities, and suggestions for classroom lessons, activities, and resources. Time Keepers features an online exhibit of Franklin Institute timepieces with activities, lesson plans, resources, and links to more information. In the collaborations section of Time Keepers, classes can join a collaborative project involving different aspects of time. This Web resource is "timeless."