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Eggshell People


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  • Arts & Humanities
    Language Arts, Visual Arts
  • Mathematics


K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Students turn empty eggshells into eggshell people with grass "hair." Then they measure hair growth and write eggshell people diaries or stories.



  • draw faces to turn empty eggshells into eggshell people.
  • fill the eggshells with potting soil and plant grass seed to grow "hair" on the eggshell people's heads.
  • record eggshell hair growth on a chart.
  • keep eggshell people diaries or write eggshell people stories.


character, diary, drawing, Easter, egg, grass, journal, plants, seeds, soil, story, writing

Materials Needed

  • one empty eggshell for each student (with approximately the top third of the shell cut off)
  • drawing or painting supplies for drawing faces on the eggshells
  • potting soil
  • grass seed

Lesson Plan

Provide each student with an eggshell with roughly the top third removed, and ask students to use markers or paints to make faces on the eggshells. (Test colors ahead of time to make sure they will adhere to the shell.) When the faces are drawn, have students fill the eggshells with potting soil and sprinkle grass seed on top of the soil. Keep soil moist and the students' eggshell people should soon be sprouting hair.

Extension Activities

  • How does your eggshell person measure up? Every few days, have students measure the length of the eggshell people's hair and record the measurement on a chart.
  • Eggshell people stories: Encourage students to name their eggshell people and keep fictional diaries about them or write stories about what it's like to be an eggshell person living in Eggshell Land. What special characteristics or character traits does each eggshell person have? Ask students to develop solid characters based on those traits.
  • Make an eggshell stand: Have each students cut an individual egg compartment from an egg carton; turn it upside down, cut a hole in the bottom, and use it as a stand for his or her eggshell person.


Assess students on their measurement charts and diaries or stories.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins


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