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A Garden of Growing Activities!

Lesson Planning Channel

Dust off your gardening tools! It's the time of the year to put the spring in your step and exercise your green thumb. This week, Education World offers a plot full of gardening activities that will have students "digging" for more! Included: Activities in which students grow a mystery vegetable garden, design a geometric-shaped garden, and much more!

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Spring is in the air! As the seasons change, classrooms everywhere come alive with gardening projects. Gardening activities provide a host of exciting learning experiences for students of all ages!

Why not start your growing season by applying for one of the 400 Youth Garden Grants from the National Gardening Association? The grants are open to schools, community organizations, and other educational groups that get students involved in gardening! Each grant offers materials needed to maintain gardens, including tools, seeds, and garden products.

Help your students spring into action with five gardening activities from Education World! Read the brief descriptions below for each lesson. Click any headline for a complete teaching resource!