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How Much Water Do Plants Need?



  • Science
  • Math


  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Students study the effects of varying amounts of water on common houseplants.


Students give different amounts of water to common houseplants and observe and record the effects.


plants, water, houseplant

Materials Needed

  • two each of several varieties of common houseplants, such as cactus and philodendron
  • water
  • paper or journals
  • pens or pencils
  • ruler

Lesson Plan

  • Discuss the conditions most plants need to grow. Ask students to speculate what might happen if the conditions are changed in some way.
  • Divide the class into small groups. Assign each group a pair of the same variety of plant.
  • Have students place each pair of plants together so that each receives the same amount of sunlight.
  • Tell students to give one plant in the pair lots of water and to give the second plant little water.
  • Have students measure and record the growth of each plant over a specific period. (Depending on the types of plants, students may not see results for a week, two weeks, a month, or longer.)
  • Have each group write a summary of the results and present the findings to the class.


Evaluate students' presentations.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Lois Lewis

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