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Teaching Students About Credit Cards


Subject: Economics

Grade: 9-12


Brief Description

Students compare the features of three different types of credit cards.


Students understand the various features of credit cards, evaluate credit card choices, and learn about responsible credit card use.


finance, budget, credit, interest, consumer, money

Materials Needed


Lesson Plan


  • Provide students with the information about the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, types of credit cards, credit record, choosing a credit card, costs of credit, calculation of the finance charge, credit card evaluation, credit availability, and credit card responsibilities found at Students and Credit Cards.
  • Complete the discussion questions.
  • Ask students to obtain credit card applications from three different sources, evaluate each card on the work sheet Shopping for a Credit Card, and compare the costs involved with each card.
Extension: Provide students with the list of additional resources provided at the bottom of the Students and Credit Cards page. Invite students to write for one of the pamphlets, read the information, and present it to the rest of the class. Provide each student with a copy of Credit Cards, and ask students to discuss the tips with their parents or guardians.


Evaluate students on the information on the work sheet.

Lesson Plan Source

National Institute for Consumer Education

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Originally published 04/16/2001
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