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Catchy Captions



  • Language Arts


  • K-2
  • 3-5

Brief Description

Students write captions for pictures cut from newspapers and then match the real captions to the pictures.



  • define the word caption,
  • demonstrate creative thinking and creative writing skills in writing captions about newspaper pictures,
  • demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills to correctly match pictures and captions.


newspaper, caption, catchy, picture, photo, photograph, creative writing, creative thinking

Materials Needed

  • newspaper photos (at least one per student)
  • scissors
  • writing paper
  • pencils
  • tape
  • a paper bag

Lesson Plan

  • Prior to the lesson, collect photos with captions from newspapers. Create an answer key or a code so you know which captions and pictures go together. Cut apart the pictures and captions (except for one or two to use as examples). Put the pictures in the bag.
  • Show students newspaper pictures with captions. Discuss the meaning of the word caption.
  • Tape a picture without a caption to the board. Ask students to make up a caption for the picture. Write the caption on the board under the picture.
  • Write the real caption on the board next to the picture. Ask students to determine how close they were to the real description.
  • Give each student one picture from the bag. Tell each student to write a caption for the picture.
  • Upon completion, give each student the correct caption for his or her picture. Have students determine how close their captions were to the real captions.
  • For younger students, work together as a class to create and match captions and pictures.
  • Have students work in small groups to create the captions.
  • When everyone has finished, give each student two captions and ask him or her to pick the caption that goes with the picture.


Observe students' participation and responses.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

National Standards

Language Arts: