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Where in the World?


  • Arts & Humanities—Language Arts
  • Educational Technology
  • Social Studies—Geography


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Students develop research skills as they locate famous landmarks around the world.


Students will

  • develop research skills.
  • develop map/geography skills.
  • learn about important places in the world and world history (cultural literacy).

Materials Needed

  • grade-level appropriate Where in the World? work sheet (provided)
  • library and/or Internet access

Lesson Plan

Build cultural literacy with one of the work sheets listed below. Provide students with library or Internet access—and the appropriate work sheet—and let them go! They might work on their own or in teams to discover the natural or man-made landmarks described by each statement on that Where in the World? work sheet. Each sheet offers clues for ten special landmarks or locations around the world. The sheets are divided by grade level, based on interest and grade appropriateness of the landmarks.

Extension activities

  • Have students find and mark on an outline map the location of each landmark on their Where in the World? work sheets.
  • After students complete the activity, challenge them to create their own Where in the World? questions. Compile the ten best questions into a new work sheet to help students exercise their research skills.
  • The original work sheet, or the second sheet, might make a good homework assignment; have students and parents complete it together—and learn together.


Students should research and correctly identify at least eight of the 10 landmarks on their Where in the World? work sheets.


Where in the World? Volume 1. 1. Buckingham Palace; 2. Coliseum; 3. Eiffel Tower; 4. Empire State Building; 5. Mount Everest; 6. Grand Canyon; 7. Gateway Arch; 8. Statue of Liberty; 9. Niagara Falls; 10. Mount Rushmore. BONUS: "Big Ben."

Where in the World? Volume 2. 1. Angel Falls; 2. Alcatraz; 3. Great Wall of China; 4. Sahara Desert; 5. Stonehenge; 6. Venice; 7. Leaning Tower of Pisa; 8. the Parthenon; 9. Mount Fuji; 10. Golden Gate Bridge. BONUS: Ayer Rock.

Where in the World? Volume 3. 1. Chichen Itza; 2. Mount Vesuvius; 3. Great Pyramid of Giza; 4. Rock of Gibraltar; 5. Taj Mahal; 6. Victoria Falls; 7. Palace of Versailles; 8. Red Square; 9. Diamond Head; 10. Tower of London. BONUS: fjords.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Gary Hopkins