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Autumn Colors
Shine Through


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  • K-2
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Brief Description

Let autumn shine through with colorful window decorations.



  • follow directions to create a colorful work of fall art.


autumn, leaf, leaves, fall

Materials Needed

  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • crayons in bright fall colors (orange, red, yellow)
  • iron

Lesson Plan

To create colorful stained-glass window decorations, provide students with a 12-inch square sheet of wax paper and a variety of crayons in brilliant fall colors (for example, red, orange, and yellow). Instruct students to

  • fold their sheet of wax paper in half, then open it again.
  • use their scissors to gently shave the crayons, letting shavings (smaller shavings are better) fall to one half of the sheet of wax paper.
  • fold the half of the wax paper without shavings on top of the half with shavings.
  • use an iron, set on medium heat, to iron the sheet of wax paper so that the crayon shavings melt.
  • trace the outline of a leaf on the wax paper. (For younger students, you might provide a leaf silhouette to be traced.)
  • cut the leaf pattern.
  • use transparent tape to seal any loose edges of the wax paper.
  • tape the colorful "stained-glass" leaves to the windows, or hang them by string in front of the windows so the outdoor light shines through.

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    Gary Hopkins

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