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Where Am I?


  • Geography


  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Brief Description

Students identify volcano locations by latitude and longitude.


Students demonstrate an understanding of latitude and longitude and use latitude and longitude to identify locations.


volcano, latitude, longitude

Materials Needed

Volcano Event Locations Chart (printed and distributed to students),
World Longitude Latitude Map (used online or printed and distributed to students),
VolcanoWorld Alphabetical Volcano Index (optional)

Lesson Plan

Print and distribute to each student a copy of the Volcano Event Locations Chart and provide them with a world map that shows latitude and longitude, such as the World Longitude Latitude Map. Ask students to complete the chart by filling in the name of the country or state located at each of the parameters.

Extension: Older students might use a resource such as the VolcanoWorld Alphabetical Volcano Index (scroll to the bottom of the page to select a region) to identify the specific volcano at each location.


Evaluate students according to their responses on the chart.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World (with resources from WNETSchool)

Submitted By

wNetSchool master teacher Betty Paulsell created this activity and others in Are We Falling Apart? Exploding Volcanoes.

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