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Graph the Results: Applesauce Taste Test



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Brief Description

A fun fall activity -- make three kinds of applesauce, hold an applesauce taste test.



  • follow directions as they make applesauce and/or create a graph showing the results of a classroom applesauce taste test.
  • use an online tool to create a graph (optional)


apple, applesauce, graph, taste test, nutrition, fall, autumn, harvest

Materials Needed

  • apples, water, and honey (for making applesauce)
  • Create a Graph (free online tool for making graphs, optional)

Lesson Plan

This lesson is perfect for fall apple harvest time. In the lesson students will taste-test three applesauces made from different varieties of apples. Which applesauce is each student's favorite? Create a graph to show the results. Following are some more tips and ideas for using this lesson.

Making Applesauce
You might prepare the applesauce ahead of time. However, you might make the lesson even more memorable by having students prepare the applesauce. Use this recipe for Fresh 'n Easy Applesauce, or follow these simple instructions:

Materials Needed:
6 apples
1 cup water
teaspoon honey

Remove the core, peel the apples, and slice them.
Pour water into saucepan, add apples, then honey.
Cover pan and cook over a low heat until apples are soft.
Cool slightly, then mash using a masher or fork.
Chill, then serve.

Graphing the Results You might make a colorful picture graph by listing the three type of applesauce on a chart:

1. [Apple variety name goes here] Applesauce
2. [Apple variety name goes here] Applesauce
3. [Apple variety name goes here] Applesauce
Each student will paste a picture of the apple from which his or her favorite applesauce was made next to the name of that applesauce on the chart. You will find beautiful photographs of the three types of apples you used in your applesauces at the Apple Varieties page of the New York Apple Country Web site. (Click on the apple variety name for a nice large image of the apple to print out.)

Another idea: Have students collect the data and then let them use the free online Create a Graph tool to create a graph of the results of the taste test. Students might cycle through your classroom's "computer learning center" sometime during the week to create their graphs, or you might do this as a whole-class activity in your school's computer lab.


Did students follow instructions as they graphed the results of the class taste test?

Lesson Plan Source

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Gary Hopkins

National Standards 

MATHEMATICS: Representation
GRADES Pre-K - 12
NM-REP.PK-12.1 Create and Use Representations to Organize, Record, and Communicate Mathematical Ideas

NT.K-12.1 Basic Operations and Concepts
NT.K-12.3 Technology Productivity Tools

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