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Postmark U.S.A.


  • Social Sciences


  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Help students collect postmarks from across the United States!


  • name the 50 states,
  • define the word postmark,
  • identify the postmark on an envelope,
  • correctly plot the postmarks on a map.


    geography, postmark, United States, states, map

    Materials Needed

    • student-collected envelopes with postmarks
    • scissors
    • a United States map
    • pushpins
    • computers with Internet access (optional)

    Lesson Plan

    • Show students an envelope with a postmark. Ask: "What is a postmark? Find the postmark on this envelope. Why does the post office put postmarks on envelopes?"
    • Tell students that they are going to collect postmarks, one from each state. Ask students to name the 50 states. Help students brainstorm ways to collect postmarks (for example, from family members and friends who live in different states or from a city chamber of commerce, a state tourist office, or a popular place of interest in a state).
    • As students collect new postmarks, have them cut out the postmarks from the envelopes. Tell students to find the states where the postmarks came from and put them on the map with pushpins.

      Have older students use map Web sites, such as MapQuest, to find the exact location of each postmark. Have students pin the postmarks to the approximate spot in the state on the map.
      Extension: Have students collect ZIP codes and plot them on the map.



    Lesson Plan Source

    Education World

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    Lois Lewis

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