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Library Scavenger Hunt


NOTE: This lesson is no longer valid for use by a wide audience. We are leaving the lesson live because some teachers may want to create a similar hunt for their students.


  • Arts & Humanities
  • Educational Technology


  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Brief Description

This activity serves as an introduction to library resources both online and offline.


Students will
  • locate resources within the library,
  • use online resources to answer research questions.


library, scavenger hunt, research

Materials Needed

  • computers with Internet access

Lesson Plan

Library Scavenger Hunt is an activity that requires students to discover resources in the library and use them to answer simple research questions. Questions can be easily modified to suit any school library. After exploring the floor of the library, students move to an online component of the activity that gives them experience with searching and using Internet resources. There are many more great ideas at Mrs. V.'s Online Lessons and Activities.


Students are asked in some questions to print their findings and to record their responses to the scavenger hunt on a separate sheet of paper. Answers will vary according to student interest and research.

Lesson Plan Source

Mrs. V.'s Online Lessons and Activities (by Joyce Kasman Valenza)

National Standards


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