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Diane Hodges: Looking Forward to Monday Mornings

Looking Forward To Monday Morning

An award-winning educator, highly acclaimed speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Diane Hodges' weekly Looking Forward to Monday Morning columns present a wealth of ideas administrators can use to drive staff members happy!

Happy New (School) Year!
--- A Letter to Yourself
--- Wake-Up Call
--- Business Cards
--- Grin and Share It!


Diane Hodges

An award-winning educator, highly acclaimed speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Diane Hodges' weekly Looking Forward to Monday Morning columns present a wealth of ideas administrators can use to drive staff members happy!

Diane is a frequent speaker at national and state conferences, including those of the national principal associations (NAESP, NASSP). In high-energy, humorous sessions, she unleashes dozens of ideas for promoting staff recognition and appreciation and for creating a climate of fun in the workplace. In addition, schools and school districts frequently call on Diane to share ways in which staff members can create more fun and appreciation for one another in just minutes a day.

Diane is the bestselling author of Looking Forward to Monday Morning, Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings, Quote This!, Laugh Lines for Educators, and Grin and Share It! -- all published by Corwin Press.

You can learn more about Diane, purchase her books, or book her for a presentation in your school or district at

More Happy New (School) Year!
--- Coupon Books
--- Secret Pals
--- Summer "Whines"
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Theme Lunch Mondays
--- Many Themes
--- Salad Bar Potluck
--- Food Rewards
--- Quote This!
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Going Above and Beyond
--- Extra-Miler Award
--- Power of One Award
--- Red Apple Award
--- Superintendent's Award
--- Quote This!

Staff Meeting Ideas
--- Five Minutes of Fun
--- Staff Raffle
--- Circle Massage
--- Quote This!
--- Grin and Share It!

Survival Kits
--- Survival Kit for Everyday Use
--- More Survival Kits
--- Quote This!
--- Grin and Share It!

Halloween Fun
--- Secret Ghost
--- Stocking Up on Sweet Rewards
--- Grin and Share It!

More Halloween Fun: Spook-tacular Activities
--- Ghostly Gifts
--- Fall Harvest
--- Ghostly Praise
--- Biting for Apples
--- Quote This!

Staff Meeting Fun
--- What's in Your Bag?
--- Splitting the Take
--- Quote This!
--- Grin and Share It!

Just for Fun: Volume #1
--- The Great Coffee Mug Adventure
--- Toilet Seat Challenge
--- Stop Everything -- Dance!
--- Grin and Share It!
--- Quote This!

Thanksgiving Is Coming
--- Words of Thanks
--- Surprise Pies
--- "Talkin' Turkey" BINGO
--- Leftover Lunch
--- Grin and Share It!

Fun With Food #2: The Lunch Bunch
--- Monday Brown-Bag Lunch Exchange #1
--- Monday Brown-Bag Lunch Exchange #2
--- Group Lunch
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More Staff Meeting Fun
--- Appreciation Sound Off
--- Kazoo to You
--- Word BINGO
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Holiday Caring
--- Shoebox Gifts
--- Cookie Exchange
--- Grin and Share It!

Holiday Gift Giving
--- An Early Gift
--- Kindness Canes
--- Gifts for the Boss
--- Quote This!

Winter Fun!
--- Snow Day Contest
--- The Brush Off
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Fun With Food #3: One Special Day a Week
--- Food Festival
--- Hot Chocolate Day
--- Chili Days
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Fun With Food #4: A Year of Food Celebrations
--- Celebrating With Food: Month By Month
--- Quote This!

More School Celebrations
--- Half-Way There Party
--- Cooking Up a Party
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Valentine's Day Praise
--- Special Delivery
--- Valentine Bookmarks
--- Flowery Praise
--- Grin and Share It!

More Valentine's Day Fun
--- String Hunt
--- Valentine's Match
--- Quote This!

Just for Fun: Volume #2
--- Star-Studded Staff
--- A Fun Time, for Shoe-r!
--- Quote This!

Fun With Food #5: Make February Mondays Special
--- Bagel Monday
--- Sundae Monday
--- Mondays Are a Special Grind
--- M & M's = Monday Mornings
--- Quote This!

Counting Down to Spring
--- Toilet Paper Countdown
--- Countdown Chain
--- Grin and Share It!

St. Patrick's Day Celebration
--- Have a Wee Bit 'o Fun
--- Lucky Pot of Gold Search
--- Grin and Share It!

Spring Fever
--- Spring in Bloom
--- Spring Fever Lunch
--- Spring to Life!
--- "Eggs"cellent Staff Members
--- Quote This!

Spring Is Busting Out All Over
--- Spring Cleaning Day #1
--- Spring Cleaning Day #2
--- Grin and Share It!

Springtime Fun
--- "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Day
--- Frisbee Toss
--- Food Rewards
--- Quote This!

Recognizing Admin Professionals -- And Others Too
--- Administrative Professionals Week
--- Passing Along a Good Attitude
--- Grin and Share It!

More Ideas for Recognizing Admin Professionals Day
--- Students' View of the Job
--- What Every Woman/Man Wants
--- Quote This!

Why I Like Working at
--- Plan a Contest
Grin and Share It!

Teacher Appreciation Activities
--- Treat Carts
--- Recognition Postcards
--- Extra Hand
--- Quote This!

End-of-Year Praise and Appreciation
--- End-of-Year Meeting
--- Tokens of Appreciation
--- Dare to Dream
--- End-of-Year Treats
--- Grin and Share It!

Your Attitude Is Showing!
--- No "NO" Mondays
--- Say No to "Moan-days"
--- Kindness Coins
--- Gratitude Bowls
--- Grin and Share It!

--- Five of My Favorite Quotes

Go for the Gold: The Olympics Go to School
--- Broom Baseball
--- Lay an Egg
--- Dress-Up Relay
--- Find the Rainbow
--- Foot Golf
--- Hula-Hoop Relay
--- Quote This!
--- Grin and Share It!

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