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Appreciation Activities


These fun activities might be part of your Teacher Appreciation Week celebration in May or you can use them at any other time of year.


Ask staff members to list their favorite beverage and a snack food. Keep this information on file. Throughout the year, encourage staff members to nominate their peers to be awarded "a treat break." Select one staff member each week to receive treats, and include a note explaining why he or she was nominated.


During a staff meeting give each person a postcard to self-address. Collect the cards and distribute them again so that no one gets his/her own. Ask staff members to write a positive comment about the person whose name and address appears on the postcard and then sign it. Collect and mail the completed cards. Staff members will look forward to receiving their card of praise and recognition. And the staff lounge might be buzzing with the positive comments people received in the mail. Alternatively, you could save the postcards and mail them out over the course of a month or periodically during the year.


Create a hand by using a see-through plastic glove (not one that is powdered, such as a doctor's examination glove). Fill the glove with popcorn or another type of treat and tie it off at the wrist. Draw fingernails with magic marker or nail polish. Attach a note saying something like, "The extra hand you gave certainly is appreciated" or "Thanks for lending a hand when it was needed."


Teachers know there will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how we use them.
~ Unknown

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