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Spring Fever


Daffodils and tulips popping up in yards is a sure sign that spring has sprung. In anticipation of spring, spread out spring flower bulbs, potting soil, flowerpots, gardening gloves, trowels, and water. Encourage each staff member to plant a pot for his or her classroom so students can watch these signs of spring. You might give a prize to the person whose plant blooms first. At the end of the year, plant the bulbs on the school grounds.


After that teaser bulb-planting event -- when you realize that you actually still have weeks of winter ahead -- plan a Spring Fever Lunch. Cover tables with brightly colored checkered tablecloths and accent them with flowers in watering cans. Decorate with butterflies and ladybugs. Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and dragonfly-, butterfly-, and bee-shaped sugar cookies.


Plan a fun game for your Spring Fever Lunch. You might provide fun toys such as jump ropes, squirt guns, and jacks. Or you might plan an indoor corn toss:

  • Divide the staff into teams of two and give each team an ear of corn.
  • Line up the teams with teammates facing one another.
  • One team member tosses the ear of corn to the other. After tossing the ear of corn, that team member takes a step back.
  • Continue the game in this way until only one team remains in the game.
    Give the winning team a gift with a springtime theme.


Fill plastic eggs with candy and treats. When great things happen, attach special messages to the eggs and put them in staff members' mailboxes. For example, your message might read "You are an Egg-cellent teacher" or "You are Egg-citing to work with." Most words starting with "ex" will work -- exceptional, extra special, experienced, exuberant


Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.
~ Doug Larsen

Drive your staff happy!

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