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More Springtime Fun



Opening day of baseball season is a symbol of spring and a reason (excuse) to celebrate. Invite staff members to wear the baseball paraphernalia -- hats, buttons, T-shirts, logo socks of their favorite team. Might students join in the fun?


[content block] You will need to plan this activity in advance. As spring creeps in slowly, there will be "teaser days" when the temperature rises and it feels like spring is imminent. On one of those days, put a note on a Frisbee that tells everyone to meet in a designated spot after school. Ask that the Frisbee be "tossed" to other staff members so everyone gets the message. When the students have left for the day, have multiple Frisbees ready for everyone to toss and then take home with them. You might want to plan some Frisbee contests too (for example, the longest toss or the Frisbee thrown closest to a target).


Free food is becoming a highly valued employee perk. Here are some fun food ideas you might use to recognize the hard work of your staff, individually or collectively.

  • Each day of a designated week, treat the staff to snacks. Some examples: cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, a cake tray, a fruit tray.
  • On a non-payday week, put a Payday candy bar in each staff member's mailbox with a note of appreciation such as "Here's an extra payday for all your efforts."
  • Designate one day a week as "Treat Day." Each person is responsible for providing goodies for one or two Treat Days each school year. Hmmm... Would Monday be a good day for this?


    Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party."
    ~ Robin Williams

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    Drive your staff happy!

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