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Looking Forward
To Monday Morning

Happy New (School) Year!



At the start of the school year, give each staff member a coupon book with coupons that can be redeemed throughout the year. Coupons might present privileges such as a

  • "Wear Jeans for a Day" coupon
  • "Leave 30 Minutes Early" coupon
  • "Arrive at 8:00 a.m." coupon
  • A "Free Dozen Cookies from the Cafeteria" coupon


In many schools, staff members have "Secret Pals" for the year and have a great time doing secret things for their special person -- and having special things done for them, too.

How It Works: At the beginning of the year, those who are interested in participating fill out a "Secret Pal Data Sheet" on which they share the types of music, books, candy (and so on) they like. Then they draw names of other participants.

Throughout the year, each Secret Pal does nice things for the person whose name s/he drew. For example, Secret Pals might give small gifts or do something special for their pal's birthday, anniversary (marriage and/or employment), and holidays. In addition, they might send poems, notes of encouragement, recordings of upbeat songs, and other fun stuff.

At the end of the year, Secret Pal identities are revealed at a culminating event such as a picnic or luncheon. It's amazing how much participants learn about their fellow colleagues through this activity and how close Secret Pals can become.


The end of summer is not entirely a bad thing. It also brings to an end the whining that staff members heard from their children over the summer. Examples of "summer whines" might include There's nothing to do, I'm bored, We're hot, We don't have to go to bed early in the summer and so on. Post a large sheet of chart paper in the teachers' lounge and let them write on it the "summer whines" they'll be relieved not to hear.


A child proudly showed his parents a gold star his teacher had given him. When asked what it was for, he explained that everyone has to rest during rest period -- and he rested the best.

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Drive your staff happy!

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