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Have a contest -- with good prizes -- for the staff of your school. Create a form and ask staff members to submit their creative entries to describe "Why I Like Working at [Your School Name Goes Here]." You might post responses and invite all staff members to vote for their favorite statement.

Or you might invite staff members or groups to create rhymes, songs, comedy sketches, or any other entertainments that share their love of your school. To set the tone, the directions might be given in poetic fashion [see below]. Some of these entertainments might even be presented at the next PTO meeting or at the spring Open House, so the entire school community can enjoy them.

[content block] Why I Like Working at...

Come one! Come all! Come everyone!
Stop what you're doing and join in the fun.
There's a time to work, but we need to play
To relieve the stress of a hard workday.

No one among us has no need to rest
So come along and give us your very best.
A test of talent for all who apply,
Who will be best in our judges' eyes?

Whether you sing or dance or poetry spout,
You're sure to have fun with our creative "out."
If music and song are your forte,
Serenade us in a harmonious way.

Do you lean toward comedy for others' enjoyment?
Then share with us your joys of employment.
Whatever your talent, please bear in mind,
What pleasures of working here do you find?

Weave in the reasons you'd ne'er want to leave,
The ideas and thoughts as you so perceive.
Be it coworkers or paydays, activities, or hours,
Retirements, birthdays, or baby showers.

Whatever your reasons, they need not be long,
Just put them to music, to rhyme, or to song.
Finish one, two, or three, and delights you will see,
For prizes abound for the winning top three.

So give it your all, give it your best,
Put your creative side to the test.
Use your talents no matter what they may be,
To bring joy and laughter for all to see.


A little girl visited her grandmother's house for several weeks during summer vacation. The grandmother decided it was a great time to teach the girl to sew.

After a lengthy explanation of how to thread the machine, the granddaughter stepped back, put her hands on her hips, and said in disbelief, "You mean you can do all that, but you can't operate my Game Boy?"

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Drive your staff happy!

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