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Staff Meeting Fun



In advance of a staff meeting, ask staff members to put into a bag 20 items found in their desks, wallets, briefcases, and purses. They should bring their bags to the meeting. Using the items brought, have a contest to see who has the

  • largest number of people in a picture.
  • oldest coin.
  • smallest pencil.
  • highest number of calories in a single item of food/candy.
    Give prizes to the winners in each category.

    [content block] SPLITTING THE TAKE

    Start your staff meetings with a 50/50 drawing in which people can purchase a raffle ticket for $1. A duplicate-numbered ticket is put into a container. A ticket is drawn from the container and the matching ticket holder gets half of the money collected. The other half can go for a mutually agreed upon activity, for example, purchasing items for the break room, a donation to a charity, or student scholarships.

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    Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
    ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


    "What is the chemical formula for water?" the second-grade teacher asked her class.

    Tommy immediately raised his hand.

    "Yes, Tommy," the teacher said. "Do you know the answer?

    "Yes, Mrs. Green, it's H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O!"

    "What are you talking about?" asked Mrs. Green.

    "Yesterday you said it's H to O!" exclaimed Tommy.

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    Drive your staff happy!

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