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Celebrate the start of the second semester with a Half-Way There Party! Everything about this celebration is done in halves. Cut the food in half. Serve half-cups of beverages. Serve coffee with half and half. Put out a bowl of cashew halves. Cut the agenda or a message into halves and instruct staff members to pair up with a person who has the other half so they can read the full text. If you want to work some kind of team activity into the celebration, you might distribute cards with the name of one half of a "Dynamic Duo"(for example, Abbott on one card and Costello on another, Batman and Robin, Sonny and Cher, Cheech and Chong, The Lone Ranger and Tonto) and have each staff member find his or her partner. Ask restaurants or retail stores to donate coupons for half off a meal or item. I'm sure you can think of a dozen more fun ideas (or at least half that many!) to create a fun Half-Way There celebration.

[content block] COOKING UP A PARTY

If you love to cook, share your talent during Parent-Teacher Conference week. Create your own special day, such as "[Your School's Name] Meatball Day." Let staff members know you're going to prepare and serve them meatballs along with rolls, salad, and dessert for lunch. Wear a chef's hat and serve the gourmet delights. Other special days might be Salad Bar or Pasta Bar Day. Saving staff members from the extra work of preparing their own lunch is a way of showing your appreciation, especially during times (such as during conference week) when teachers are carrying an extra load.


Do you have trouble keeping your New Year's resolutions? Here are ten suggestions for preventing that situation from happening:

  1. Gain weight. (At least 30 pounds.)
  2. Stop exercising. (Waste of time.)
  3. Read less. (Makes you think.)
  4. Watch more TV. (You've been missing some good stuff.)
  5. Procrastinate more. (Starting tomorrow.)
  6. Stop bringing lunch from home. (Eat in the cafeteria more.)
  7. Spend your summer vacation in cyberspace. (Save money on gas.)
  8. Get in a whole new rut!
  9. Get further in debt. (That's an easy one!)
  10. Never make New Year's resolutions again.

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