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BRAVO Principals

BRAVO Principals Act With Courage, Conviction
Making difficult decisions requires courage. A principal's acts of courage help ensure that all children learn. Those acts also serve as catalysts; they motivate colleagues to act with courage. Included: Sandra Harris offers ten actions of courageous principals.

BRAVO Principals Celebrate Diversity
Columnist Sandra Harris says principals make their schools stronger by valuing their students' diversity. By highlighting -- even encouraging -- diversity, they make kids who might feel "different" feel welcomed instead. They limit bullying and harassment too.

BRAVO Principals Help Staffs and Students Cope With Stress
Sandra Harris has seen firsthand how principals have handled the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. But not all disasters are natural ones. In the event of job loss, illness, death, and divorce BRAVO principals do all that they can to help faculty and students cope.

BRAVO Principals Care About People
How do caring principals show teachers and students that they care? Sandra Harris shares ten traits of caring principals that she has observed -- ten ways in which principals make teachers and students feel important, respected, recognized, heard, and included.

BRAVO Principals Rekindle the Spirit
Sandra Harris says principals who encourage others "rekindle the spirit" of their schools. Harris shares ten ways in which principals are encouraging teachers and students and, as a result, creating a school-wide atmosphere of encouragement and achievement.

BRAVO Principals... Communicate Effectively
Author and EdWorld columnist Sandra Harris says that BRAVO principals follow three principles of effective communication. They are truthful, yet tactful; available; and active listeners. Included: Examples of those three principles in action during the school day.

BRAVO Principals Share Power
EdWorld columnist Sandra Harris says sharing power means acknowledging that every faculty member at your school is a leader. By empowering others, you inspire others, you build a climate of trust and respect, and good decisions get made!

BRAVO Principals Calm the Storm
Sandra Harris teaches at a university near Houston, which has been a focal point of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She is witnessing firsthand the essential role that principals are playing in the effort to bring relief and normalcy to the lives of children and families.

BRAVO Principals Create a Shared Vision for Student Success
Author and EdWorld columnist Sandra Harris says creating a shared vision does not mean telling the faculty what your vision is. Harris walks through steps involved in creating an all-staff Vision Day. Plus ideas for sustaining that vision once developed.

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