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More Halloween Fun:
Spook-tacular Activities


By now, the school year is in full swing and students are looking forward to celebrating Halloween. Here are some spook-tacular Halloween activities that you might want to implement with the help of your staff.


Assemble a packages of pumpkin candies and attach a note of appreciation such as Thank you for "harvesting" our students' potential.

[content block] GHOSTLY PRAISE

Make ghost suckers out of Tootsie Roll Pops and facial tissue. Attach a note such as We don't stand a ghost of a chance of achievement without you!


When staff members have gone home, visit their classrooms or workstations. Hide a ghostly figure made out of construction paper or cheesecloth for them to find. Put the poem below in a visible spot so they know to look for the ghost. When they have found the goblin, have them bring it to the office for a Halloween treat.
Source: Debra Macklin, Quincy (Michigan) Community Schools

While walking past the school last night
My eyes beheld a frightful sight.
On the wind floated a mournful sound
A shimmering mist swirled all around.
I think there may have been spooks in there
But enter and check? I did not dare!
So if you find your space is haunted
Capture the specter; be undaunted.
Bring it to the office --- don't delay
And a sweet reward will come your way!


As an alternative to Bobbing for Apples, have a "Biting for Apples" contest. Attach thread to the stems of the apples and hang them from the ceiling. Hang one apple for each participant and let them try to take a bite out of their apple without the apple coming detached from the stem.


Summer ends and autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tides always and a full moon every night.
~ Hal Borland

Drive your staff happy!

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