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Looking Forward
To Monday Morning

Just for Fun: Volume #1



A friend of mine "borrowed" a colleague's favorite coffee mug -- and the adventure began! The coffee mug accompanied numerous people as they traveled. At each destination a picture was taken of the mug (the cup, not the face of the traveler!) in the appropriate surroundings. For example, at Disney World a picture was taken of Mickey Mouse holding the mug. A note was attached to the photo saying what a good time the mug was having in the sun and how nice Mickey and Minnie had been to it. The note was signed,

Miss You,
Your Coffee Mug
When the pictures continued to come in over a period of several years, a scrapbook was made of all the adventures the mug had.

[content block] Alternatively, this might be a fun idea to do for someone who plans to retire at the end of this school year. "Borrow" the mug and have staff members take turns sending it to friends or relatives in other parts of the country or the world. They should mail the mug to people they know can be relied on to snap pictures and return the mug in a timely way. The staff members can write the notes and best wishes for retirement when the mug and photo are returned to them and compile them into a book that will be presented to the retiree (along with his or her mug) at the retirement party.


Transform a toilet seat (or another unique item) into an award for departmental "challenges." Spray paint the item with gold paint. The Toilet Seat Challenge begins when one group -- for example, a grade level, the administration, or a department -- challenges another group in the activity of their choice. Challenges could be met shooting pool, playing chess, playing cards anything that's fun. The losing group gets its name engraved on a brass plate that's affixed to the toilet seat. It's now their responsibility to challenge another group in the activity of their choice.


Select high-energy music such as Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett, We Are Family by the Pointer Sisters, or I Feel Good by James Brown. Play the music at a staff meeting and have members choose the song they find most energizing, invigorating, and stress relieving. Tell them that, from then on, whenever they hear this piece of music, they should stop what they're doing, go to a designated location, and join together in a dance. Most groups form double lines (see The Stroll) and opposite partners move down the center of the line together. No one says anything -- people should just dance, smile, snap their fingers, sing, and enjoy themselves. Visitors can join in and have fun, too. When the music is over, staff members return to work with a renewed attitude of joy and fun.


It was local election time and a candidate was trying to visit all the houses in his district. At one house, a small boy answered the door.

"Tell me, young man," said the politician, "is your mommy in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party?"

"Neither," the child responded, "she's in the bathroom."


I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Writer

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