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Looking Forward
To Monday Morning

Your Attitude Is Showing!


It's easy to get trapped in a negative
attitude. Do a self-check to see if
you light up the room when you walk into
it -- or out of it. You think 50,000
thoughts a day, so keep them positive.
Here are some ways to help condition
only positive responses in your


[content block] Designate every Monday as "Positive Day." Any person who is caught saying anything negative is assessed a fine. The money collected goes for a future fun activity. So no one can complain about your team losing, rainy weekends, housecleaning


Designate one Monday as a day that the staff members may not use the word "no." Explain that they have to find other ways to express their feelings. If "no" is spoken, a piece of masking tape is placed on the staff member's shirt. The person/people with the least number of pieces of tape at the end of the day earns a prize.


Give staff members a supply of candy gold medallion coins that are to represent emotional currency of appreciation. Staff members give them to their peers throughout the year as a way of expressing thanks. At the end of the year, staff members might be able to "cash in" their coins for special prizes.


Begin this activity by decorating a bowl with balloons and filling it with 10 candy bars. Take the bowl to a staff member and thank the person for doing something special. The staff member selects a candy bar and then takes the bowl to another person deserving of thanks. The bowl continues to be passed to others until all of the candy bars are gone.


High School Senior: "I have to go to the gym to get graduated."

Friend: "That's a funny place to graduate."

Senior: "Well, look at the invitation It says, 'Come to the Graduation Exercises.'"

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Drive your staff happy!

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