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Holiday Gift Giving


It's often a struggle to decide what to give staff members as a holiday gift. You want to give something that has meaning but is also within your budget Here are some ideas that might work for you and fulfill those goals.


Right after Thanksgiving, give each staff member a roll of nice holiday wrapping paper or a packet of different wrapping papers. You beat the holiday rush, it's a gift that everyone will use, and your thoughtfulness will stand out as they wrap gifts. [content block]


Give each person a candy cane with a personalized self-esteem enhancer attached. Your messages might express sentiments such as "Your smile brightens everyone's day" or "Your kindness toward others if marvelous" or "Your enthusiasm is contagious."


Having difficulty figuring out what to give the boss? Perhaps you and others who report to the same person might brainstorm a group gift. Some possible ideas include

  • a fresh holiday wreath from a local merchant or a mail order company such as Alpine Farms
  • a gift certificate for a massage
  • a special assortment of coffees or teas
  • a book on tape (professional or recreational)
  • scratch pads printed with his/her doodles
  • postage stamps with a family picture (or your pictures!) on them from a company such as


    May peace be your gift this holiday and your blessing all year through!
    ~ Unknown

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    Drive your staff happy!

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