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Looking Forward
To Monday Morning

Just for Fun: Volume #2


Looking for a cure for the February Blahs? Here are a couple ideas that are sure to perk up people and add some fun.


Ask all staff members to bring in a pair of old shoes that still fit and that they are willing to give up. Visit your local craft emporium (or raid the art teacher's supply closet, with permission of course) to provide a workstation full of decorative items such as ribbon, yarn, sequins, glue, feathers Staff members can also bring in decorative items of their choice. Each staff member selects a pair of shoes and decorates that pair. (Shoes might be labeled with the owner's name, or staff members might work to decorate the shoes of an anonymous colleague. In that case, it might be a big surprise at the end to find out who the owner is.) Announce a day when all the owners will wear their decorated shoes to school. [content block]


Designate a week as a "Star-Studded Staff Week." (Perhaps the week coincides with the upcoming Oscars.) Introduce the idea at a staff meeting by tossing gold stars into the air. Staff members will most likely be confused, but explain that stars will appear in many places throughout the week. When staff members find stars, they should write their names on them. Throughout the day, put stars in restrooms, the lounge, the copy room, hallways, the cafeteria, and other places the staff frequents. Drop some in classrooms when doing walkthroughs or at the bus stations when students are departing. (Warning: Staff members may be spotted running in all directions, following you closely, and looking like children at heart.) At the end of each day, raffle off prizes. Those prizes might be decided by drawing stars from those deposited in a designated drop-off location and reading the names on them, or staff might hold onto their stars and be able to pay a specified number of stars for particular prizes. The better the prize, the more stars needed to purchase it. Prizes might include plants from the floriculture program, items from the supply closet, or other donated items.


Without love, what are we worth? Eighty-nine cents! Eighty-nine cents worth of chemicals, walking around lonely.
~ Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H

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