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Valentine's Day Praise



A day or two before Valentine's Day, provide all the fixings to decorate heart-shaped cookies. Have staff members write special messages to their coworkers on the cookies. (If the message is too long, it can be written on a card.) Have them turn cookies in to the person or grade-level team designated as the "cookie collector(s)." That person/team will gather all the cookies created for each person, package them, and deliver them on Valentine's Day. [content block]


Make bookmarks with nice messages on them. Use a laser printer to print short messages on a sheet of translucent vellum. (For example: XOXOXO; You Make Everyone Smile; or You Have a Great Big Heart for Everyone!) Cut out red cardstock to the size you want for the bookmark. Trim the vellum to the same size and center the message on the bookmark. Layer the vellum over the paper and punch a hole in the top. Bind both sheets together with satin ribbon.


Give each staff member a rose and personalized message telling why you "love" working with them.


What would you get if you crossed February 2nd with a puppy?

Ground-dog day!

What would you get if you crossed February 2nd with a Christmas drink?

Ground Nog Day!

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Drive your staff happy!

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