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Looking Forward
To Monday Morning

Spring Is
Busting Out All Over


Plan a Spring Cleaning Day with your colleagues. This event can be implemented in a variety of ways.


You might want to plan this event for a day when students are not in school. Each staff member brings in from home two items they want to get rid of. The guidelines are that the person must be able to carry the items into the building and must remove them at the end of the day if no one wants them. Set up tables so teachers can display their items. Allow each staff member to take two items. If there are items left over at the end of the day, those items are "up for grabs."


This version involves classroom supplies, and is especially helpful for staff members who are retiring, leaving the school, or changing grade levels. Hold a Spring Room Cleaning Day. Each person brings items from their classroom that they are no longer using. Display the classroom goodies on tables set up for the event. Staff members can select items that will be useful in their classrooms. All left-over items are either donated or discarded.


Patrick was spotted driving along the highway at a steady speed, when he suddenly pulled off into a rest area. He jumped out of the car, opened the trunk, and brought out a party hat, streamers, a bottle of lemonade, sandwiches, and a cake. After eating the food and drinking the lemonade, he began dancing an Irish jig. Then, after 15 minutes, he got back in his car and drove off.

Curious, a State Trooper followed him and about 20 minutes later, he saw Patrick stop at the next rest area and repeat the whole procedure. This was too much for the officer, so he decided to stop Patrick and to ask what was going on.

"May I ask you the reason for all the stops and the food, drink, and Irish jigs?" the officer asked.

"Well, sir," explained Patrick, "I'm on my company's annual employee outing!"

"But you're the only one here," argued the officer.

"Yes," said Patrick. "I'm self-employed!"

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