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Fun With Food #1



People often have specialties they love to create (for example, breads, appetizers, salads, desserts). Create a calendar for the year and designate the Monday after each payday as a "theme lunch" day. If you have a large staff, people can sign up for a theme day (or two) when they would like to bring in something to share. Theme days could include:

  • Ethnic foods
  • Crockpot cuisine
  • Salads
  • Creative sandwiches
  • Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Soups
  • Chef's choice
    . Each participant should provide copies of the recipes, which might be compiled into a staff cookbook.

    [content block] SALAD BAR POTLUCK

    Invite everyone to sign up to bring in an item for a Salad Bar Lunch. The sign-up sheet ensures that there will be a variety of items -- not just carrots!


    Free food is becoming a highly valued employee perk. Here are some fun food ideas you might use to recognize the hard work of your staff, individually or collectively.

  • Decorate a cookie inscribed with Super_____ [ job title].
  • Have bagels delivered to the staff lounge.
  • Have students or staff members bring in fruit to be placed in baskets for other staff members. Have the fruit sorted, arranged, wrapped, ribboned, and delivered.
  • Hold a "Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae" event.


    There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.
    ~ Mother Teresa


    Concerned about his son's progress in school, a dad said, "Son, I am worried about you being at the bottom of the class."

    "Don't worry, Dad," the son replied. "They teach the same stuff at both ends."

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    Drive your staff happy!

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