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Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun!
Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun! is a great site to find mathematics enrichment activities that will intrigue students and help them gain a deeper understanding of important concepts.

The EcEdWeb site provides resources for teaching economics in classrooms from kindergarten to college. Included are lesson plans, a list of important concepts for students to learn by grade levels, and a comprehensive list of links to outside resources.

A Dramatic Education
Are you the kind of teacher who likes to give your students a "dramatic education"? Do you need lesson plans? Then check out this site!

Apple Learning Interchange
The Apple Learning Interchange is an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects. Also included are discussion forums and chat rooms for educators.

Gateway to Educational Materials
The Internet is home to many great educational resources, lesson plans, and curriculum units, but finding them isn't always easy. The Gateway to Educational Materials provides access to high quality Internet lesson plans, curriculum units, and other education resources.

Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom
Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom is a fun and fruitful resource for discovering different people and cultures. The site is chock full of high quality world history and geography lessons, homework handouts, study guides, and lots more!

Outta Ray's Head
Looking for lesson plans for intermediate and high school language arts or library studies? So was Ray, and when he didn't find what he was looking for he made his own site complete with handouts and evaluations! Here it is - a librarian and language arts teacher's dream -- literally!

New York Times Learning Network
The New York Times Learning Network provides an educational service for grade 6-12 teachers, students, and parents. The site has a set of daily lesson plans that help to integrate daily news articles into the classroom curriculum, as well as quizzes, links, features, and an On This Day... section.

Crossroads: A K-16 American History Curriculum
The Crossroads K-16 American history curriculum is a comprehensive guide to teaching at all grade levels. The curriculum includes lesson plans, activities, historical background essays, and lists of resources.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Want to spice up your curriculum? Check out this set of interdisciplinary lesson plans put together by the folks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom
Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom offers lesson units, written for a variety of subjects at different grade levels, that incorporate the arts into the regular classroom curriculum.

Gander Academy's Theme-Related Resources
The Gander Academy is a great resource on thematic teaching using the Internet. The site has an extensive list of topics with link lists that include general information, teacher resources, and student projects.

Mathematics Lessons
This is a great collection of mathematics lesson plans for a variety of grades and math subjects.

Internet Education Group
Users will find lesson plans and lesson plan resources for integrating the Internet into classrooms.

Kids Love A Mystery
Kids Love A Mystery is part of the MysteryNet Web site. This section was created for Kids Love A Mystery Week (Feb.23-28, 1998). Users will find mystery stories and lesson plans for teaching critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and literature.

Physical Education Lessons
Over 80 interesting and varied Physical Education lessons submitted by PE teachers across the country.

Girl Tech
A unique set of lesson plans in math and science is provided here, to promote gender-equity in the classroom.

Apple Education
Resources for educators, parents and students concerned with K-12 or higher education. Information includes news and events, lesson plans, international education projects and links to outside education sites.

Energy Conservation
The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has put together a Web site with lesson plans based on energy conservation for a multitude of classroom subjects, from language arts to diesel mechanics.

Social Studies School Service
This site contains updated lesson plans and exercises on several social studies topics for a variety of grade levels.

America's Heroes
Information on specific lesson plan.

Eyes on Art
Although this site presents only 7 lesson plans, each are extremely complete, unique, and fully worth using.

Civnet - Civic Education Resources
Impressive, thorough lesson plans related to Civics

This site will give teachers and students alike ideas, lessons, and information galore.


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