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S I T E     R E V I E W
August, 1998

Internet Education Group

Users will find lesson plans and lesson plan resources for integrating the Internet into classrooms.

The site uses frames to display the information. The left side of the site has a navigational menu to each section. The links, lessons, and other information are shown on the right side of the page.

Each of the sections of the site is available as a link on the home page. Users can view a site map for details on locating specific information. The lesson plans are categorized by subject and grade level.

The site was created to promote use of the Internet in education. Users will find thousands of lesson plan links, all using the Internet. The "LES'N plans" section has Internet-integrated lessons put together by the Internet Education Group. These "LES'N" plans have links to sites on the Internet with the subject content, a vocabulary list, comprehension and critical thinking questions, and other activities. Each of the sites listed has been reviewed by the creators. The "Lesson Plan Links" section has hundreds of links to outside lesson plans, categorized by subject and grade level. Educators wishing to use more Internet in their classrooms will love this site.