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Apple Education
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

Resources for educators, parents and students concerned with K-12 or higher education. Information includes news and events, lesson plans, international education projects and links to outside education sites.

The site is very colorful and makes great use of space to display the information.

The links for educators are hypertext links within descriptive paragraphs. This site is part of the large Apple site so the navigation menus sometimes relate to the larger site; and getting around the education areas can be a little confusing.

This site is part of the Apple Web site and this section is divided into information for K12 education and higher education. The bulk of resources for K12 is located off the solid education sites link in the introductory paragraph. This section has Internet and software resources with additional information for best utilizing the Internet. There are also links to professional publications, organizations and reports for educators; project ideas; additional resources; curriculum and lesson planning information. Lesson plans are available for language arts, math, social science, space exploration, science and special needs. The section also has education-related information for parents including resources for at-home learning. Users can also find information on Apple computers such as products, technical support and user services. The majority of information for the higher education section is found under the educational projects link. The site is updated often and contains resources and information on cutting edge and current technologies.