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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1999

Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom

Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom offers lesson units, written for a variety of subjects at different grade levels, that incorporate the arts into the regular classroom curriculum.

Nice simple layout, easy to read. The site has some nice graphics.

You'll need your back button on this one! The site has no navigational buttons, but the straightforward nature of the layout makes it easy to navigate.

Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom is a part of the Oak Park District 97 site. Unfortunately there are no links into the parent site, Educators will want to take a peek at the main site to see what this innovative Illinois district has accomplished! District 97 is dedicated to implementing an enriched curriculum that embraces social diversity. The Integrating the Arts Into the Classroom section of their site reflects this philosophy. The lessons incorporate visual and performance arts into the regular curriculum in a way that brings lessons to life. In these lessons third graders do the Radical Reptile Rap; first graders write readers theater pieces about the moon and earth; and fifth graders explore the Civil War through the lives of individuals who fought in the war, examining their clothing and lifestyles. It's a great site, and well worth sharing with colleagues at other grade levels.