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S I T E     R E V I E W
JULY, 1996


This site will give teachers and students alike ideas, lessons, and information galore.

The graphics on this site are aesthetically pleasing and well executed/organized to help orient and guide the user.

This is a very large site to which I was oriented quickly. Each graphic from the home page guides you to a specific area of the site which is easily identifiable.

The Exploratorium, a "real" place in California, has done an outstanding job at creating in internet resource for educators and students. The "Learning Studio" seems to be their focus on internet learning. With Science articles (and audio), Teacher/Scientist Collaborative efforts and guides, online exhibits, and how to build exhibits at home or school, this resource offers something for everyone. But, there are other areas to explore from the Home Page besides the Learning Studio. Check out the Cow's Eye Dissection, a step-by-step online guide, or other online exhibits which change every season. Lastly, scroll down and find the link to the Digital Library : Exhibits : Electronic Versions. Here is a hidden treasure online of the Exploratorium's most popular and informative permanent exhibits. I have a feeling there would always be something new you could find at this valuable resource.