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June, 1999

Apple Learning Interchange
Grade Level: Professional

The Apple Learning Interchange is an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects. Also included are discussion forums and chat rooms for educators.

A simple design gives the site an appealing, uncluttered look.

Look for a navigation bar at the bottoms of the pages.

The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) is an excellent resource for teachers looking for ways to integrate technology and the Internet into the classroom. Jump right in by clicking on Units, and find a huge set of lesson-planning units searchable by keyword, subject, and grade level. Teachers could spend hours in this section alone, but there's more! Click on Projects to find a long list of Internet based projects with a variety of themes. You can also visit the Staff Development section for guides to using technology in the classroom. Adventurous surfers may want to check out Resources for a guide to Internet sites. This section can be searched or browsed. When you have time, be sure to explore the Browse Features of this area; it's full of treasures! Now you're going to want to become a member so you can explore the forums and chat rooms to find out what other teachers are doing with these great resources. If you make it that far, you'll be hooked and may even start submitting lesson-planning units and favorite sites to ALI! A super site!