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S I T E     R E V I E W
December 1, 1999

Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun!

Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun! is a great site to find mathematics enrichment activities that will intrigue students and help them gain a deeper understanding of important concepts.

Lots of colorful graphics and downloadable pages support the learning activities.

The main page is the way to navigate this site. Most pages have links back, but bookmarking the main page is a good idea. Descriptions with the appropriate grade levels for each activity are available at the bottom of the main page.

Here is a great site to get ideas to jazz up your math lessons. The activities cover a wide range of mathematical concepts and are usable with a variety of grade levels. Many of the activities are made to be done in the classroom and include downloadable support materials such as graphing paper. Many are group activities that involve an entire classroom to find the answers. Others are more suited to individual or online explorations. Kids will enjoy the unusual perspective this site takes on math, bringing practical and sometimes silly applications to important mathematical concepts and helping students gain insight into a subject that can be challenging for many. This is the kind of site that can turn kids on to math in a positive way. You and your students will enjoy Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun!