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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1997


Social Studies School Service

This site contains updated lesson plans and exercises on several social studies topics for a variety of grade levels.

The site uses large spacing and minimal graphics but can hold the reader's interest through the layout.

The user can choose a frames or no frames version and has easy access to navigational menus with both options.

The Social Studies School Service offers educational resources including books, CD-ROMs and videos. The Service also publishes over 30 catalogs a year listing evaluated materials that focus on different subject areas and grade levels. The Social Studies Web was created by The Social Studies School Service as a benefit to social studies educators and includes an online catalog, links to other social studies on the Web, an electronic request and online lesson plans and activities on various social studies topics and themes for different grade levels. These exercises include recommended grade level, an overview, a time frame, a list of objectives, additional discussion and activity sections with pertinent URL links listed. The site also includes reviews and essays on resource materials and topics. The authors ask that its users share information on projects and stories of interest to the social studies education community so, while this site is outstanding as it is, it could possibly be made into much more!