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May, 1999

Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom

Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom is a fun and fruitful resource for discovering different people and cultures. The site is chock full of high quality world history and geography lessons, homework handouts, study guides, and lots more!

Lots of great graphics, a variety of colors, and a cheerful style.

A comprehensive list of navigational links to the various places and time periods runs down the left side of the pages. The site has extensive cross-referencing, particularly to the homework and main ideas pages.

Mr. Dowling, a sixth grade Geography teacher at Roosevelt Middle School in Palm Beach County, Florida, developed this Web site from the lessons he taught in the classroom. The site is well put together and is sure to be a favorite for middle school history and geography teachers. Mr Dowling provides a comprehensive list of homework assignments, background information, study guides, and plenty more! The Crazy Voices section is sure to bring an upbeat note to related lessons; in this section Mr. Dowling uses his experience as a radio personality and stand-up comedian to create some hilarious RealAudio educational monologues by "historical" figures. The site covers an impressive range of places and time periods. Bookmark this site!